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GBO provides advanced corporate solutions, which includes step-by-step guidance through the process of incorporating foreign companies and opening bank accounts worldwide as well as assisting to obtain gaming and financial licenses, locating suitable nominee services and clearing and payment solutions.

We are happy to be of service and welcome you into our circle of clientele that continues to grow and prosper so that you too can benefit from our highly professional services

:Services Offered

We offer a wide range of international corporate solutions based on our years of experience and knowledge in this area. Solutions we offer include:

  • Assistance with incorporating Companies Worldwide

Assisting clients in the process of establishing Companies in a wide range of countries and locations around the world including accompanying clients throughout the whole process from start to finish. Read more

  • Assistance with Opening Bank Accounts Overseas

We specialize in assisting clients in the process of opening both personal and corporate bank accounts in a wide range of banks abroad, and providing services such as offering a characterization of the client to the bank and providing information regarding the type of bank account best suited to the private/corporate needs of the client. Read more

  • Assistance with obtaining gaming and forex licenses

We specialize in assisting clients in the process of obtaining gaming license in Curacao and Security Dealer licenses (forex licenses) in Vanuatu, Belize, Seychelles, CySEC and more. Contact us for additional information

  • Nominee Services

Assisting clients in locating suitable nominee director and nominee shareholders. Read more

  • Payment and Clearing Solutions

Assisting clients in locating suitable clearing solutions for online companies that deal in a range of industries, including Forex (only for regulated companies), gaming, e-commerce and more. Read more


We offer every client a personal  implementation at a high, internationally recognized level. We have the required knowledge and experience needed regarding the process of assisting with opening bank accounts in different countries, such as: Switzerland, Cyprus, Hong Kong, England, Singapore, Luxembourg and more. We are available for enquiries regarding any information on incorporating a company overseas taking into consideration your company’s business activities.

Uncompromising Professionalism

Our corporate solutions are carried out in our offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, and are accessible to clients remotely such that there is no need to leave the comfort of your own home. We provide a wide range of services offered with personal accompaniment by experienced professionals who are leaders in their field. Our team is made up of  overseas business development managers, a commercial lawyer and prior Swiss bankers, all of whom are experienced with a wide range of knowledge in their respective fields. We have ties with other offices and professional bodies in Israel as well as overseas. These connections enable us to offer you the best and most varied corporate solutions. Our clients can benefit from advanced professional service with a high level of discretion, and personal accompaniment throughout the process





You are welcome to contact us to set up a personal meeting with no obligation. Contact us today at: +972-3-510-4257

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