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Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholders for a Company

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The company’s director is whose responsibility it is to delineate the company’s policies and overlook its activity. The director is meant to strengthen the public trust in the company in the capital market as to bring about a rise in the company’s share price or administer the business direction in which the company is going.

In most jurisdictions around the world the directors are those who are publicly listed on behalf of the company when the company owners want to remain discreet, appointing nominee directors for a company is an excellent solution for confidentiality and guarantees a high level of privacy.

The nominee director abroad is also meant to supervise the goings on in the company even if he is nominated by the company shareholders. The nominated shareholders may be used in assisting in the decision-making of the company; however in most cases the object of having nominated shareholders it to retain confidentiality and in some cases to prove locality of the business and not to delineate its business operations.

The Director’s Role

  • The role of the director is twofold: to be part of delineating the company’s policies as well as supervising its operations. Such that the director carries the responsibilities of the failures and successes of the company. The director must be someone who is trained for the role so that he can fulfill the role to maximum responsibility. The director should have multiple skills and experience in similar positions as he should have expert knowledge on business and understand complex structures and processes.
  • According to the new standards set in company law, formal qualifications are required for the role of director. It is up to the tax authorities to review the director’s qualifications whether they are in accordance with the law as well as the capability of the candidate’s deep understanding of the responsibility laid out for him.
  • According to the law, the role of the director is to delineate policies of the company and to supervise management. It is up to every director, including a nominee director abroad, to fulfill the role adequately as the only point that should be of his concern is the welfare of the company and its investors.
  • When a director is not fulfilling his role as he should, the management can exploit his lack of knowledge or experience in the subject and pass on the decisions that are incompatible with the interest of the public or the investors. The controlling shareholders of the company who finance the nominee director may impede on the director’s job due to the dual loyalty to the controlling shareholders and the other shareholders of the company. According to the law it doesn’t matter to whom the director’s loyalty stands, his only obligation is to do what is best for the company and its investors and not to serve his own personal interests or those of the controlling shareholders.
  • A nominee director must also insist on attaining all information regarding certain decisions and not be used as a rubber stamp by the owners of the company. A director must take an active interest in the matters of the company and go into depth of the business decisions that he is asked to agree to.
  • A nominee director and nominee shareholders must be completely loyal to the company even if it is traded abroad, they must keep the company’s interest in consideration at all times.

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